An infomercial pitchman charged with fraud and money laundering was released with his wife from custody Thursday after signing papers to transfer $3 million from an offshore bank account as bond collateral.

William McCorkle, 31, embraced and kissed his wife, Chantal, 29, after U.S. marshals removed their handcuffs and shackles in federal court. McCorkle sold get-rich-quick booklets and videos.The two had been in jail since Tuesday when they voluntarily returned to Florida from Mexico to face a 90-count indictment charging them with fraud and the laundering of $7 million to the Cayman Islands.

"They're happy they're finally granted bond," said Mark Horowitz, Chantal McCorkle's attorney. "They look forward to having their names vindicated."

The McCorkles will be arraigned next week.

The couple had been unable to make bail because their U.S. assets were frozen following a May raid of their home and offices. U.S. Magistrate Judge James Glazebrook said they could use the $3 million overseas if it was transferred to the United States.

As conditions of their release, the McCorkles surrendered their passports.

The McCorkles are accused of misleading consumers through infomercials, seminars and videotapes on a method of making millions on foreclosed real estate.