When computer science teacher Ernie Carey asked his Utah Valley State College class what the probability was that his two daughters would go into labor and give birth on the same day, students said there was almost no chance.

When he threw in the possibility that a third daughter might also deliver on the same day, they laughed.A short time later he got a phone call from his wife, Lynn. She shared the news that not only had their oldest daughter given birth Wednesday, but so had their next oldest daughter - and soon to be followed by their third daughter.

"Well, there's the three. Class dismissed!" Ernie Carey told his students when learning of the unlikely news.

That's right. Three tiny new cousins with the same birthday - making for a set of very busy and proud grandparents, and a whole bunch of proud parents.

"Jennifer probably has first dibs on grandma and grandpa since she and her husband live in our basement," Ernie Carey said. "But we're thinking we should just turn our family room into a nursery."

Not only did the sisters defy odds by delivering all on the same day, but they did it in birth order and in reverse order of their due dates.

Karralee, the oldest Carey daughter and married to Sam Morgan, delivered Camaron Scott at 7:18 a.m. at American Fork Hospital. Camaron is the couple's first child.

Marrianne, the second oldest daughter, married to Dale Asay, delivered Dallin at 3:25 p.m. She and Karralee are sharing the same hospital room. Dallin will be the little brother to 2-year-old Rachel.

"We've shared rooms most of our lives," Marrianne said.

Jennifer, the youngest of the three, delivered Sera McKell at Timpanogos Regional Hospital in Orem at 8:58 p.m. She is married to Lynn Hone and they have a 2-year-old daughter as well, Adrienne.

Sera was the biggest baby, weighing in at 9 lbs. Both of her male cousins were just under 7 lbs. each.

Karralee and Marrianne were due April 1. Jennifer was actually supposed to come first in the baby derby with a due date of March 15.

"When Karralee called to tell me she was going into labor, I said, `Who is this?' I couldn't guess," Lynn Carey said.

They all took part in what turned out to be a media party in their rooms Thursday as the babies slept and the moms and dads tried to describe the feelings. A high school lifestyles class toured through the hospital room in American Fork.

"We had joked about it, about us all being pregnant at the same time," Karralee said. "We didn't really think it would happen like this."

Birthdays will now be a big numbers game for the Carey family, and the second week of March will be a big birthday time. The girls' brother, Don, was born on March 10. And Lynn Carey said she has three grandchildren that celebrate birthdays on the 4th day of a month.

"We wondered when Jennifer missed March 4th if the tradition was going to be broken," Lynn Carey said. "It looks like we've started a new tradition."

There's one more Carey sister, Noreen, who married in January and wasn't part of this baby race. However, she did manage to attend all three deliveries and shoot video of each one.

"We've already got the first birthday party planned," Marrianne said. "We celebrate everything together already. This will just add more fun."