As a concealed carry instructor, I am appalled by the ad hominen attacks on concealed carry permit holders. According to a front page article on March 4, concealed carry holders are a threat to the security of the Olympics. Why? Do you expect us to become criminals because of some athletic competition?

I support private property rights, along with LaVarr Webb. However, his column of March 7 advocates a legislative solution to a non-problem. He advocates a law to control those who have demonstrated themselves to be law abiding. In the last class I taught, one of my students said that he had been robbed in church. Not at all common, but what of a young woman being stalked and threatened by a large strong man? Should she be denied the protection of a gun in her daily routine? A property owner may post his property, and I will honor that. But I will also take my business elsewhere. Why do you want the government to dictate what can be done with someone's property?Mike Cannon (March 8) advances the incredible argument that the Second Amendment is not an individual right and that we need to find some middle ground. He states variously that the Constitution must be put in historical perspective and that Second Amend-ment zealots misinterpret it myopically. In the first century A.D., the Zealots strove to preserve their freedom from idolatrous legions. Apt for today? Perhaps. I think the term zealot could well be used to describe journalists when the First Amendment is threatened. Tell me, Cannon, is the First Amendment also open to finding some middle ground?

Why are you afraid of ordinary citizens who want protection from rape, robbery and every other perversion common in our society? Prison surveys reveal that armed citizens deter crime. A concealed handgun does not create criminal intent. Those with criminal intent do not get permits. The NRA, so soundly bashed by Cannon, supports training, sure punishment of criminals, and freedom for the law-abiding majority. What a concept. What part of that agenda is offensive to the Deseret News? That is what concerns me.

D. Tom Nelson