A suspected militia member was ordered to stand trial on charges that he was part of a group intending to shoot immigrants trying to enter California illegally.

Alvin Ung, 34, and other members of the Southern California Minuteman Association planned their attack as part of what they coined "Operation Run for the Border," Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Glynn Martin said Wednesday at Ung's preliminary hearing."This could have gotten very ugly. I think these people were poised for a massacre, and that the Los Angeles Police Department kept an international incident from happening," said Michael P. Dowd, San Bernardino County deputy district attorney.

Ung and three others were arrested in May after authorities got a tip from an informant. More than 100 weapons - including fully automatic assault rifles - and thousands of rounds of ammunition were seized.

Dowd said the group trained in the San Gabriel Mountains outside Los Angeles.

Defense lawyer Bruce Colodny said the group was just a few people with a "common interest in firearms." He said there was no evidence linking Ung, an arms engineer at Northrop Grumman with top secret clearance, to the planned attack.