In the Deseret News, Saturday, Feb. 14, Page A6, Column 1, Gov. Mike Leavitt is quoted as saying, with reference to the Olympics, "Our basic approach has been that we will operate the Games within budget, and that budget comes from private sources."

In the Deseret News, Sunday, Feb. 15, 1998, Page A1, the headline reads, "Taxes may help fund Games, Leavitt says."What's wrong with this picture ?

It is my opinion that our state government has hit its limit as far as thinking that it can go on increasing its budgets year after year, and that we the people will continue to lie down and take it.

At a meeting of the Utah Taxpayers Association years ago, someone asked the question, "When will the level of taxation ever plateau off?" The answer given was, "The point at which the people revolt."

Why do we have to be driven to an all-out revolution in order to realize that enough is enough and take action? Can we not reason together and realize where this oppression is taking us? Does it take a college degree to figure out that the breadwinners in this valley are getting taken advantage of? This oppression, in my opinion, has, in a slow, insidious fashion, gone from being a minor irritant to being the cause of a loss of quality of life in many areas, and now, ultimately, is one of the major causes of divorce, homelessness, dead-beat dads, etc.

If our representatives do not truly represent us this time around, then we need to throw them out at the voting booth. Meanwhile, we need to tell our governor "no," and, if he doesn't get it, we need to ask, "What part of `no' do you not understand?"

Sherman Anderson

West Valley City