Former Cedar City Police Chief Glen Miller pleaded guilty to a drunken-driving charge Wednesday filed after he was involved in a three-car accident last summer at a Cedar City intersection.

The case was transferred to Salt Lake County's 3rd District Court after Kent Morgan, a Salt Lake County deputy district attorney, was appointed special prosecutor.Miller resigned two weeks after the July 26 incident, ending a 20-year career in law enforcement in Iron County.

He pleaded guilty to the Class B driving-under-the-influence charge Wednesday, and Judge L.A. Dever agreed to hold the plea in abeyance for a year. That time could be cut in half if Miller completes a court-approved drinking and driving course.

Dever also assessed Miller a $250 fine.

Morgan said he agreed to the deal because Miller was not responsible for the accident, no one was injured and damage was minor.

According to Utah Highway Patrol troopers who were called in to investigate the accident, Miller was in his pickup truck, stopped at a stop light, when a car ran the light and collided with a third vehicle, which in turn spun around and struck Miller's truck.

Police called to the accident smelled alcohol on Miller's breath and, recognizing a conflict of interest, called on the UHP to take over the investigation, Morgan said.

Miller tested at 0.09 on a breath test, above the state's 0.08 intoxication level, Morgan said.

Miller released a statement after Wednesday's court hearing, saying he anticipates the charge will be withdrawn after six months.

The former chief said the incident has been "a difficult time for my family . . . and I am glad that this unfortunate page in my life is over.

"Over the past 20 years, I have served and protected the Iron County citizens in my capacity as a peace officer," Miller said. "During that time I have been shot, kicked, hit and spit on. I have no regrets.

"As a certified peace officer, I believe I should be treated the same as any other person charged with a crime, the same protection and the same punishments. With the exception of the sensational and inaccurate reporting of the local newspaper, I believe that has occurred in this case," Miller's statement said.