Gunnison's swimming pool has been demolished and city officials have finally found a way to finance a new one. They will sell a recreation revenue bond for up to $800,000.

Financing a new pool has been difficult. It was suggested months ago that Gunnison and surrounding communities approve utility franchise fees to help pay for a new pool, because residents and children throughout the Gunnison Valley use the swimming pool. But the smaller communities balked at the proposal.Centerfield officials agreed to the franchise tax but only on condition that the new pool be near the Gunnison Valley High School and the Gunnison-Centerfield boundaries. The two communities adjoin one another.

Gunnison's City Council members, however, wanted the new pool to be on the city park in the northern sector of their city. Centerfield's town board wouldn't go along, so Gunnison ended up going it alone.

The hole left from the demolished pool will be filled, and the area will be transformed into a parking lot.

Gunnison could be in debt as long as 32 years for the new swimming pool. That's the maximum time allowed for the bond to mature. City fathers also don't plan to pay more than 3 percent annual interest.

Meanwhile, it will be a dry summer without swimming for the area's children. Plans have been completed and construction bids will soon be let, but the new facility won't be opened until July of 1999.

City Recorder Nancy Lemon said a copy of the bond authorization notice may be viewed at the city office.