I continue to be amazed at the number of articles-publications that I read regarding the city of South Jordan and groups such as SOS (Save Open Space) who keep pushing the commercial industry out of this city. Residents need to understand that South Jordan is on the verge of bankruptcy because of its lack of commercial development. More "well-run" cities such as Murray, Sandy, West Jordan and Draper have allowed this commercialization and are doing well.

We pay enough taxes already, but if we don't welcome commercial industry into our city, we will all pay enormously.South Jordan is also a complete embarrassment when it comes to providing any kind of public services. The city cannot afford to keep up. Just try traveling any of the major streets in South Jordan such as 2700 West, 1300 West, 11400 South, etc. It is very obvious where South Jordan ends and neighboring cities' boundaries begin. The streets are a real joke, and front-end alignments would be big business here.

The police department is way understaffed as well as underpaid. It is common for South Jordan police to seek assistance from the West Jordan and Sandy police departments when the few officers South Jordan has on duty are busy. The fire department does not consist of a complete full-time staff, even now. This city would totally fall apart if any kind of major incident happened, not to mention the lawsuits that would result. South Jordan can't afford this kind of irresponsibility any longer.

Water is another heated issue for South Jordan residents. Because, once again, the city does not have the staff to read meters each month and bill accordingly, it is quite common to get a monthly water bill of $40. Quarterly, when the meters are finally read, the residents are slapped with a $200 to $500 bill for that month due to be paid within 10 days. After making many calls on water costs throughout the state of Utah, I discovered South Jordan to be the highest.

We are growing and going broke. It's time to get with the times and get the services that we pay a great deal of property taxes for.

Stacy Atkinson

South Jordan