Saudi Arabia

DUBAI - Saudi Arabia said King Fahd, who was admitted to a hospital earlier this week for tests on a gall bladder infection, did not need surgery and that his condition was reassuring.


YANGON - Burma's state-run media on Wednesday accused opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi of having links with a number of people recently arrested on charges of planning bomb attacks.


PARIS - Firefighters at two major airports extended their strike into a second day Wednesday, forcing the cancellation or delay of hundreds of flights.

PARIS - The body of the late French actor-singer Yves Montand was due to be exhumed Wednesday evening for a post-mortem paternity test sought by a woman claiming to be his daughter, the daily Le Parisien reported.


ROME - Italy's top museums, long lambasted for unpredictable and miserly viewing hours, will remain open until late evening in what is seen as nothing short of a revolution in Italy's tourism industry.

ROME - Tired of pineapple toppings and other half-baked alternatives, the birthplace of pizza is putting its foot down. Italy's National Standards Body is laying down strict rules for "genuine pizza" as it is prepared in the southern port city of Naples.


BEIJING - China will open a newly renovated section of the Great Wall to tourists at the end of March. The 2 1/2-mile-long section of the ancient wall was renovated over five years at a cost of $14 million.


MEXICO CITY - Mexican officials say they have busted a ring that stole luxury cars in the United States and Canada, smuggled them into Mexico and shipped them to Russia.


HULL - Secretary of State Madeleine Albright says the United States wants a "strong and united" Canada, but will not meddle in the hot issue of whether Quebec should secede.


ROKKASHO - For the second straight day, a ship carrying 30 tons of nuclear waste sat off this northern Japanese village while a local official refused it permission to dock.


COPENHAGEN - Danes voted in national elections that are expected to result in a cliffhanger. Polls show that the center-right opposition is poised to unseat the Social Democrat-led government, but the margin is so narrow that a small number of votes could make a substantial difference.


BUCHAREST - Hanging from car windows and honking horns in the rain, thousands of people protested painful economic reforms and a sharp drop in living standards.


ISLAMABAD - Hundreds of people, many of them U.N. employees, were evacuated from a high-rise building after an anonymous bomb threat.


ALGIERS - Security forces have killed 146 Muslim militants in sweeps through a western region bloodied by recent civilian massacres.


HANOI - Members of the American business community in Vietnam has welcomed President Clinton's decision to waive a Cold War law that restricted trade with the communist country.