We have gone to the Granite District's Academic Games for the past two years. We can't understand why the media is not more involved in these games. The sports receive coverage, but the whole reason for school, academics, is not mentioned. The exception would be Sterling Scholars. Our son has gone to school early and stayed late most every day. These young men and women prepare and work hard as a team just as a sports team would. Their goal is to win district championships and go on to compete in the national championship.

Just as sports do, the academic games promote school spirit and both should be commended for that.The people who were at the Jefferson Junior High vs. Bennion Junior High semi-final game on Feb. 24 watched a suspenseful game as Jefferson won 76 to 74 in overtime.

In the game for district champion on March 2, Jefferson again won 100-91 in a game against Brockbank Junior High. Both Jefferson and Brockbank are going to the national finals.

We think it is a shame that these games and the students who are in them don't get the attention they deserve.

Delbert and Barbara Ross