Corel Corp. has announced it will roll back prices for upgrades of its WordPerfect line of software products in an attempt to boost sales.

Beginning March 14, upgrade versions of WordPerfect Suite 8 and WordPerfect Suite 8 Professional will be sold for $89 and $179, respectively, down from $179 and $249, said Don Sylvester, the Ottawa, Canada-based company's senior vice president of sales. Both products package word-processing, spreadsheet and presentations software in addition to other programs.In April, Corel, which develops its WordPerfect line in Orem, will sell a version of WordPerfect Suite 8 integrated with DragonSystems Naturally Speaking software for $129, he said. Naturally Speaking enables computers to respond to voice commands.

The prices are less than half what rival Microsoft Corp. charges for upgrade versions of its market-leading Office 97 suite products.