Alta View Hospital-

BROCK, Lori and Doug, Sandy, girl, March 6.

DEKONINCK, Astrid and Guy, Highland, boy, March 4.

DIAZ, Wendy and Sergio, West Jordan, girl, March 4.

DZIERZANOWSKI, Margaret and Lee, Draper, girl, March 5.

FRANCIS, Leslie and Danny, Sandy, boy, March 4.

GEIGLE, Angela and Gary, West Jordan, boy, March 5.

GIESE, Rebecca, Salt Lake City, girl, March 5.

HOUSTON, Joyce and Kelly, Riverton, girl, March 4.

LOVENDAHL, Amy and David, Riverton, boy, March 4.

MAYNARD, Heather and Thomas, Riverton, boy, March 5.

McKINNON, Debbie and Steve, Salt Lake City, boy, March 5.

SAWYER, Tiffanyann, and JOHNSON, Marvin, West Jordan, boy, March 6.

WOLFF, Roberta and Tony, Sandy, boy, March 4.

WOOLLEY, Rachelle and Jon, Draper, girl, March 5.

American Fork Hospital-

ACKERMAN, Tara and Brett, Orem, boy, Feb. 24.

ANDERSON, Kathleen and Brian, Pleasant Grove, girl, Feb. 21.

BAKER, Tracie and Richard, Salt Lake City, girl, Feb. 20.

BROEKHUIJSEN, Sandra and Jerome, Highland, boy, Feb. 24.

CALL, Molly and Duane, Provo, girl, Feb. 24.

CLUFF, Lori and Carter, American Fork, boy, Feb. 24.

DILLON, Janika and James, Provo, girl, Feb 20.

DRUMMOND, Tiffany and Michael, Orem, boy, Feb. 19.

DUNKLEY, Randa and Brian, Spanish Fork, girl, Feb. 21.

EARL, Jille and Eric, Cedar Hills, boy, Feb. 20.

FELICIA, Stacey and Marcel, Orem, girl, Feb. 22.

FLUCKIGER, Janeen and Larry, Orem, girl, Feb. 25.

FOLTZ, Danicia and Seth, Provo, boy, Feb. 17.

GILLETT, Brooke and Michael, Alpine, girl, Feb. 19.

GREER, Delona and Raymond, Orem, girl, Feb. 18.

HARDING, Lisa and Steven, girl, Feb. 23.

HARKER, Cathy and Daniel, Pleasant Grove, boy, Feb. 19.

HARRIS, Lisa and Brent, American Fork, boy, Feb. 20.

HARRIS, Shelly and Forest, American Fork, boy, Feb. 21.

JARRETT, Leslie and Matthew, Highland, boy, Feb. 24.

JORGENSEN, Leslie and Sidney, Salem, girl, Feb. 19.

JUDY, Tiffany and Greg, Orem, girl, Feb. 24.

KEETCH, Cynthia and Brandon, Provo, boy, Feb. 19.

KELLY, Shelly and Micah, Provo, girl, Feb. 19.

LARSEN, Jennifer and Gordon, Riverton, boy, Feb. 16.

LARSEN, Richelle and Daniel, Pleasant Grove, boy, Feb. 18.

LI LI, Tina and Toni, Orem, girl, Feb. 20.

LLOYD, Kelly and Brett, Payson, boy, Feb. 20.

LOWRY, Jennifer and Jonathan, Cedar Hills, boy, Feb. 23.

MAGENO, Christine and Jorge, Orem, boy, Feb. 19.

MARSHMAN, Jocelyn and Brian, Lehi, girl, Feb. 18.

McGREER, Cristina and Robert, Provo, girl, Feb. 19.

NEBEKER, Stefanie and Peter, Orem, girl, Feb. 17.

NILSON, Jill and Joseph, Alpine, girl, Feb. 23.

PERRY, Heidi and David, Provo, Feb. 26.

SEVY, Bernadine and James, American Fork, boy, Feb. 18.

SHAFER, Diana and Jared, Provo, boy, Feb. 21.

SHEEN, April and Kory, Orem, boy, Feb 20.

SHIMMIN, Tamara and Robert, Orem, girl, Feb. 24.

STANWORTH, Frana and Terry, Orem, boy, Feb. 18.

STURGIS, Rebecca and Rod, Pleasant Grove, girl, Feb. 20.

UHL, Karen and Philip, Provo, girl, Feb. 25.

WARENSKI, Tamara and Shawn, West Jordan, girl, Feb. 24.

WILKINSON, Alicia and John, Orem, boy, Feb. 23.

WINGER, Billie, and JOHNSON, Brandon, Provo, girl, Feb. 25.

YOUNG, Shellene and Harvey, Orem, boy, Feb. 20.

Columbia Mountain View Hospital-

ADAMS, Denise and Andrew, Orem, boy, Feb. 24.

ALBEE, Shirlene and Jayson, Spanish Fork, girl, Feb. 27.

ALVEY, Janalee and Matthew, Spanish Fork, Feb. 25.

BAMBROUGH, Monica and Blaine, Orem, boy, Feb. 27.

CHRISTIANSON, Christie and Mathew, Provo, boy, Feb. 24.

GLEDHILL, Tanna and Kent, Springville, girl, Feb. 26.

JOHNSON, Stephanie and Harry, Spanish Fork, boy, Feb. 27.

ROTHE, Kimberly and Kerry, Payson, Feb. 26.

SMITH, Heather and Charlie, Spanish Fork, boy, Feb. 27.

WALDEN, Deborah and Paul, Spanish Fork, boy, Feb. 27.

WALKER, Virginia and Kevin, Springville, Feb. 22.

ZAMORA, Denise and Jerardo, Santaquin, girl, Feb. 27.

Columbia St. Mark's Hospital-

CASAUS, Jamie and Vincent, Murray, boy, March 8.

CHHENG, Sophea and Dunleng, Salt Lake City, girl, March 7.

COBAR, Carla and Abelardo, Salt Lake City, girl, March 8.

CROSBY, Trisha, and LAFEEN, Travis, Magna, boy, March 9.

KANG, Jisook and Edward, West Valley City, boy, March 9.

LEAR, Shellie and Douglas, Riverton, boy, March 7.

MURRAY, Amanda and Brandon, Sandy, boy, March 9.

NELSON, Tiffany, and McGILL, Matthew, West Valley City, girl, March 7.

SCHOENFELD, Mardee and Matthew, Magna, girl, March 7.

TAFOYA, Judy and David, Salt Lake City, girl, March 8.

VALENCIA, Louanne, Salt Lake City, boy, March 8.

VANDERHOFFT, Linette and Peter, Sandy, boy, March 9.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BROWN, Gaynell and Raymond, Salt Lake City, boy, March 6.

CHRISTENSEN, Tonya and Ryan, Salt Lake City, girl, March 6.

HUMPHRIES, Jo Ann and Joseph, Taylorsville, girl, March 6.

JOHNS, Julie, Salt Lake City, girl, March 6.

MANARY, Jennifer and Barney, Salt Lake City, girl, March 6.

PEDERSEN, Cydamarie and Joshua, Salt Lake City, boy, March 6.

RASMUSSEN, Dawn and Kirk, Salt Lake City, boy, March 6.

SAILORS, Tamara and Darrin, Salt Lake City, boy, March 6.

STEPHENS, Kourtney and Michael, West Jordan, boy, March 6.

WALKER, Suzanne and Wade, Midvale, boy, March 6.

WALKINGSHAW, Mindy and Andrew, Salt Lake City, girl, March 6.

Jordan Valley Hospital-

BURROWS, Whitney and Michael, West Jordan, boy, March 6.

CARPENTER, Janeen and Jay, Riverton, boy, March 6.

CHRISTIAN, Kaylee and Timothy, Salt Lake City, girl, March 6.

DEMILLE, Rita and Alden, West Jordan, girl, March 6.

LIGNELL, Jennifer and David, Riverton, boy, March 7.

RASMUSSEN, Christie, Sandy, girl, March 7.

THOMPSON, Allison and Jared, Bountiful, boy, March 7.

WINTCH, Shaneen and Charles, West Jordan, boy, March 6.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

ARNOLD, Cydney and Bruce, Kaysville, girl, March 7.

AVERETT, Carla and Jason, Ogden, boy, March 8.

DAWSON, Tina and Darin, Morgan, girl, March 6.

ELWOOD, Jodi Lynne, and LaROSE, Wayne, Salt Lake City, girl, March 3.

FELKINS, Sara and Kelly, Ogden, girl, March 4.

HUNSAKER, Maria and Teryl, Ogden, girl, March 9.

LAUTERBACH, Tammy and Travis, Clinton, girl, March 3.

MARRIOTT, Katrina and John, Ogden, boy, March 8.

MASON, Tracia and Mark, Clearfield, girl, March 6.

MILLER, Kimberly, and BEAL, Robert, Ogden, girl, March 8.

MOSHER, Colette and Eric, Ogden, boy, March 8.

OTT, Sherrie, and JOLLEY, Mark, Ogden, boy, March 6.

OWEN, Jennifer, Ogden, boy, March 6.

STAKEBAKE, Monika and Eric, Ogden, boy, March 6.

WATSON, Patricia and Douglas, Layton, boy, March 6.

WICKS, Cassie and Robert, North Ogden, girl, March 8.

WILCOX, Lori and Kevin, Clearfield, girl, March 7.

WILLIAMSON, Connie and Douglas, Roy, girl, March 6.

WOOD, Michelle and Jason, Ogden, boy, March 6.

WRIGHT, Jancee and Jeff, Ogden, boy, March 6.

Orem Community Hospital-

BAILEY, Merity and Stephen, Orem, boy, March 4.

BARNEY, Marin and Jeffrey, Orem, girl, March 5.

BEHRMANN, Amanda and Geoffrey, Springville, boy, March 6.

GALLAGHER, Ann and Shawn, Orem, boy, March 4.

GARRISON, Cynthia and James, Orem, boy, March 5.

GLENN, Deborah, and CLASBY, Joseph, Pleasant Grove, boy, March 5.

HANCOCK, Julie and Chad, Provo, boy, March 5.

HAWS, Mariah and Jonathan, Provo, boy, March 6.

JOHNSON, Melissa and Aaron, Provo, boy, March 5.

LISH, Rebecca and Robert, Orem, girl, March 5.

LOWE, Jennifer and Matthew, Spanish Fork, boy, March 2.

McKAY, Jennifer and Sean, Provo, boy, March 3.

TOLLEY, Rashelle and Kevin, Provo, boy, March 5.

WALDRIP, Jacqueline and Daniel, Provo, girl, March 6.