Are you planning on wearing green this St. Patrick's Day? The outdoors is: I'm seeing hints of it everywhere, a sign that your mittens and scarf will soon be history.

St. Patrick's Day isn't officially the first day of spring, but I think of it that way, anyway. After all, there aren't any parades on March 20. My way of celebrating both the holiday and the season is to add fresh green touches all through my house. Not only are there hundreds of different shades - emerald, sage, apple, grass and lime, for starters - but they go with just about any other color. After all, green is nature's neutral.Feel inspired? Then craft a cute St. Patrick's Day pillow that can join the others on your couch or window seat or even act as display for favorite pins. It's sewn from vintage linens in the shape of a shamrock, first cousin to the four-leaf clover, so it could bring you good luck. You can use any kind of fabric or materials; the only limitation is that the fabric should have a green and white color scheme.

The first step is to draw and cut out a freehand pattern of a shamrock on heavy tissue or gift wrap. Alternatively, if you find cardboard shamrock decorations available atAdd fresh green touches... Not only are there hundreds of different shades - emerald, sage, apple, grass and lime, for starters...

most any card store, you can adjust it to your desired size on a copy machine that allows you to reduce and enlarge. In either case, just remember to build in a seam allowance: Make the template bigger than the actual pillow size by at least one-half inch all the way around.

Piece and sew vintage linens together and then slip muslin backing underneath, which will line the linens to give them body. Pin the pattern onto the vintage linens and the muslin and cut them out at the same time. Baste together so that the basting won't show through the final seam. Using the same shamrock pattern, cut out the back of the pillow from green and white gingham.

Now, with right sides of the patchwork front and the gingham back facing together (wrong sides facing out), sew them together, but leave a small opening so that you can turn the pillow cover inside-out and insert stuffing. When nice and plump, stitch the opening closed. If you wish, edge in ball fringe to add playful personality or attach a few lucky clover charms.

The next time the weather reminds you of a lion instead of a lamb, take to the couch with a nice cup of tea and admire your handiwork -a reminder that greener pastures await.