Even though they didn't know how to swim, Somporn Piamnoi's two children dived in to save her when she slipped in a Thai pond and began drowning.

She and her daughter didn't make it, later found by soldiers at the bottom of the pond locked in a watery embrace. But her son did survive, thanks to the family dog.Ten-year-old Ekkarin Piamnoi was pulled from the water by his dog Su, the Thai Rath newspaper reported Monday.

His mother had waded into the pond Sunday in Ang Thong province, about 60 miles north of Bangkok, to clean mud off her clothes after fishing. She slipped and began drowning. Her 9-year-old daughter Ansumalee jumped in to help, and Ekkarin followed.

Su dove into the water and pulled Ekkarin to shore. The boy ran and found some soldiers who arrived too late to help.

The family could not afford a funeral and coffins, so local aid organizations were taking up collections.