We need an amendment to the Constitution to protect the Boy Scouts of America from endless lawsuits and abusive judges. It is wrong for any court to have the authority to order Boy Scouts to submit to homosexual Scoutmasters. No court should be able to make Boy Scouts stop pledging to do their duty to God. Something is terribly unjust when a court has power to force Boy Scouts to accept members who promote atheism or unclean life-styles.

The Boy Scouts gladly welcome every race and religion. Scouts are taught to be courteous to others, even those with different values. But every organization must be allowed to set its own limits. Let the Boy Scouts set their limits. Where does it say the decent majority must submit to the fancies of a small minority? Let the homosexuals and atheists go organize their own groups as they see fit.It is insanity to have homosexuals and atheists dictate to the Boy Scouts through the courts. What next? Do the Republicans use the courts to tell the Democrats whom they must accept as precinct leaders? Are we going to have judges decide how Methodists recite their creed, whom they must baptize, or who is ordained a deacon because of a lawsuit by a Presbyterian?

While I recognize that not every homosexual is a pedophile, to allow a homosexual to take 12-year-old boys on overnight camps alone in the wilderness is asking for trouble. These young men have enough difficulty with their sexuality at puberty without having to obey a homosexual. Scoutmasters are often admired by the Scouts in their troop. What kind of conflict will be created in a young Scout's mind when he pledges to be clean and morally straight but must be loyal to a homosexual Scoutmaster?

David Dilts

Scoutmaster, Troop 39

Salt Lake City