A 24-year-old Provo man has died from injuries suffered in a 30-foot fall at this southern Utah park over the weekend.

Steven Joel Harrison suffered severe head injuries, broken bones and a broken neck, said Kerry Hepworth, Dixie Regional Medical Center spokeswoman.Harrison was with two other climbers on Saturday ascending a technical climbing route - a route that requires some specialized equipment -when the fall occurred, said Washington County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Pete Kuhlmann.

One of the two uninjured climbers ran to park rangers to report the fall about 2:30 p.m., and the rescue took one hour and 26 minutes, Kuhl-mann said.

"That's pretty good time for where he was," he said.

Tim Duck was climbing in the area and scrambled over to Harrison when he saw the rescuers start up the steep sandstone slope.

"His buddy was cradling him in his arms and talking to him," Duck said. "His eyes were open, but he wasn't responding."

Harrison is probably the first technical climber killed in the park, said John Ibach, manager of the park, which is about 260 miles south of Salt Lake City.

Two hikers have been killed from falls in the canyon.