No more free plane trips and limousine rides for minor royals. No need - phew - to bow or curtsy every time a prince or princess appears. And fewer royal highnesses all around.

Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly considering these and other changes as the royal family tries to become a modern monarchy - one that will survive far into the future.The Sun newspaper, trumpeting the dawn of "the people's monarchy," reported Saturday that the queen was considering reducing the number of royal highnesses to the monarch's immediate family.

She is also reportedly thinking about barring minor royals from using royal planes and cars and of phasing out cheap "grace and favor" housing for relatives. The Sun also said the queen had decreed an end to curtsying and bowing, although this has been royal policy for some time.

"These reforms are very much a further indication that the queen is taking seriously what she said just before Diana's funeral . . . being in touch, moving with the times," said Ben Pimlott, author of a biography of the queen and a professor of politics and contemporary history at the University of London.

According to The Sun, the title HRH - His or Her Royal Highness - would be limited to the monarch's immediate family and children of the heir. That means Prince Charles' two sons would keep the title, but the two daughters of Prince Andrew and the former Sarah Ferguson would not.

Princess Diana and Sarah, the Duchess of York, both were stripped of the "royal highness" honor when they were divorced.

Minor royals who could lose car and plane privileges include Andrew's daughters and the queen's first cousins, such as Prince Michael of Kent.

The Sun said the proposals were outlined in a palace document "seen and approved" by Prime Minister Tony Blair's office.

Blair's office said that any such changes were entirely a matter for the queen and would not need the government's approval.

A spokeswoman at Buckingham Palace, speaking on condition of anonymity, indicated that no decisions had been made.