A man arrested in the Las Vegas anthrax scare and jailed here for alleged probation violations was released from custody Friday by a federal magistrate.

Larry Wayne Harris was brought from Las Vegas, where he and another man were arrested Feb. 18 after an FBI informant said they claimed to have deadly anthrax in their possession.Charges against Harris and William Leavitt Jr. were dismissed Feb. 23 after tests showed the material was a harmless anthrax veterinary vaccine.

Leavitt was freed, but Harris was accused of violating his probation for a 1995 conviction for illegally ordering bubonic plague bacteria by mail.

Federal Magistrate Mark Abel said prosecutors failed to show that Harris violated probation by claiming he had military-grade anthrax and by producing infectious disease, bacteria or germs in his Ohio home.

Abel said there was enough evidence to hold a hearing on whether Harris was continuing to tell people he used to work for the CIA, another violation of his probation. The hearing was not scheduled.