Orem officials have mixed feelings about the possibility of getting control over state roads.

If dollars come along with the costs, then it's all right, said John Park, Orem's assistant city manager.If the cities just get the additional maintenance burden without the accompanying funds, it could be a problem.

"We think we're better able to focus on local needs than the Utah Department of Transportation can," Park explained, talking about the ramifications of passage of SB176.

SB176, sponsored by Senator John Holmgren, R-Bear River, calls for the state to turn over about 70 percent of state highways to local entities and directs an interim committee to study it for a year and work out the details.

In Orem, that means State Street, University Parkway and Geneva Road would become the city's responsibility if the bill passes.

"It'd help us," Park said. "We could do the traffic flows, put in a signal if we felt it was needed, do maintenance."

Traffic is a big issue for Orem and it'd be nice to be able to move more quickly with solutions, he said.

"Usually, we have to wait until, for instance, a signal is considered warranted. Our priorities are not necessarily theirs."

Park said, "We don't mind taking the roads as long as we get the money that goes with them."

UDOT currently pays for road upkeep with gas tax revenue. "How they're going to split that up will be interesting," Park said.