Contrary to the opinion expressed in your March 1 editorial, "Nuclear `education' laughable," Private Fuel Storage does not view in a condescending way its program to provide information to Utahns about the spent nuclear fuel storage project in Skull Valley. I suspect the editorial writer's point of view was influenced by a recent news service headline that over-simplified our intentions.

Many people are asking questions about the proposed project. If we did not offer answers, you would be justified in criticizing us for not responding to the public interest. We do not consider education a bad word and will continue our efforts to provide information about the project. Once people are provided with all the facts, they'll make up their own minds.Your editorial writer's mind obviously already is. But please don't criticize us for answering questions and helping others under-stand the issues using scientific facts and evidence. In an effort to be more responsive, we have established a toll-free comment line (1-888-701-8585) for those who want further information.

We will also continue to correct factual errors when they arise. In that regard, we would like your writer and readers to know that although Minnesota has put size-related limitations on spent fuel storage, it has not been "outlawed" as stated in the editorial. In fact, seven containers have already been loaded and are safely stored at our Red Wing facility.

Scott Northard

Project manager

Private Fuel Storage

Salt Lake City