I read Marc Christensen's Forum letter (Sept. 8) about his thoughts on the United Nations and gun control. He's entitled to his opinion. I have done a research paper on the U.N.'s handling of the so-called "global warming." Its agency responsible for handling this subject was less than honest in its publicity of its "facts." So I don't trust them.

As for gun control, let's look at the truth. Guns are not for everyone. It's a personal choice. The type of weapon is not the problem.Marc Christensen would do well to read the article "Gun Control and Economic Discrimination" in the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (Winter 1995). The article points out that murder rates in "gun control" areas such as Mexico and South Africa are more than twice as high as those in the United States. Countries such as New Zealand, Israel and Switzerland have household gun ownership rates comparable to ours yet have much lower rates of crime and violence than we do. Among the 6 million Swiss, there are an estimated 2 million guns, including 600,000 fully automatic assault rifles, and their murder rate is 15 percent of ours.

So you see, the type of weapon is irrelevant. Laws that limit access to firearms can prove to be so detrimental that sometimes individuals pay the price.

Roddy McClain