TARGET AUDIENCE: ArtTix, the Salt Lake City ticket distributor, offers a bonus. On the back of each ticket you'll find coupons good at local businesses. Sometimes, however, the randomness makes for odd combinations.

Last week I flipped over my ticket to the BYU Men's Chorus concert (sponsored by Deseret Book) and found a coupon good for a pint of ale at the Red Rock Brewery. Half the house that night got beer on the house.I don't know how many were eventually cashed in. I do know most people are holding on to those tickets, planning to use them with the free bag of pork rinds that comes with the ArtTix tickets to this year's Hanukkah events.

GETTING PUCKISH: After his team lost two straight games, Shaquille O'Neal of the Los Angeles Lakers went on a rampage. He trashed his teammates for being selfish, trashed referees for not calling fouls and claimed he might have to rearrange the facial structure of opposing players to make his point.

It was an impressive tirade.

So impressive, in fact, O'Neal has been made an honorary member of the men's U.S. Olympic hockey team.

FRONTIER RAG: Not long ago I visited Ken Sanders' rare-book shop in town. I told him I was thinking of buying some rare and collectible editions of the Deseret News.

"Then you need to get one of the `flight issues,"' he said.

Seems that during the time the United States Army occupied the Salt Lake Valley more than 100 years ago, the Deseret News had to go underground. The presses were put on wagons and hauled to Fillmore. Newspapers were then secretly brought back to Salt Lake City. When the editor ran out of paper, Deseret News subscribers gave up pieces of their own clothing so that rag-paper could be made and the Deseret News could keep publishing.

I mentioned that to a friend a few days later.

"Think of it," I said, "Deseret News subscribers literally gave the shirts off their backs for a copy of the newspaper. Think of the columnists writing for those people. What I wouldn't give to have subscribers like that today."

He looked at me.

"Yeah," he said warily. "And think what subscribers wouldn't give to have columnists like that today."

QUOTE OF THE DAY:I got a kick out of a line by criminal attorney Leslie Abramson the other day. She summed things up for a lot of people - like herself - who often feel frustrated at the way people behave:

Mother Teresa tries to do good, and when she sees an injustice in the world she doesn't get angry - she gets busy. Well, I'm not Mother Teresa.