I read with great interest the article in the Feb. 15 Sunday edition of the Deseret News under the title of "Arab nations are fearful of Saddam but cautious" from the Scripps Howard News Service. The two following paragraphs said:

"Bassam Tibi, a Syrian expert on Arab politics now teaching in Britain and Germany, says Arab nations are as fearful of weapons of mass destruction as the West, especially when they are in the hands of a highly unpredictable neighbor."But they view Israel as being more of a threat than Iraq, especially in terms of nuclear capability, and they accuse the United States of applying a double standard in trying to make Saddam get rid of his doomsday weapons while allowing the Israelis to keep theirs."

How right these statements are and how wrong the United States is in coddling the Israelis by giving them billions of borrowed dollars on which we as taxpayers pay interest and with which the Israelis use to grab Palestinian land, which, in turn, provokes the Palestinians to violence and allows Netanyahu and his fanatical followers to claim justification in declaring they must have the land for their security.

Another example of the brazen U.S. double-standard policy is not coming down hard in the United Nations assembly against Israel for violating U.N. Resolutions 242 and 338 in the past while requiring that Iraq should live up to every letter of the resolutions against them.

The United States does have a double standard, and we should ask our representatives in Congress why they allow it to continue because it could be a significant factor in getting us into another disastrous war.

Arthur B. Erekson