Once Francine Christensen has a Youth Council organized for Orem, she wants to see those kids in court, she says.

Not in juvenile or district court as defendants but as the judges and representatives for youthful offenders. Christensen has been asked by the adult City Council to resurrect the Youth Council in Orem that once existed for a brief time."No, we don't have one (a Youth Court)," Christensen said. "And we need one. My son's a police officer, and he says they are just very effective, especially with the very young kids. The one in American Fork is known and recognized on a national level."

Christensen says setting up a Youth Court is her top priority once the Youth Council is appointed and operational.

And that should be shortly after next Wednesday.

"We have a meeting this Wednesday night with my new committee. We're in the process of selecting the youths," Christensen said.

A youth mayor and five youth council members will be seated by appointment to serve until August.

After the initial appointments, members will be selected through an application process.

For the appointments, Chris-ten-sen has almost two dozen names to sift through, given to her by the Chamber of Commerce, PTA leaders and resident referrals.

She wants two teenagers from each high school area and will require each youth to be articulate, exhibit leadership qualities, "have a feeling of justice about them" and maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average in school.

Everyone suggested will be checked out with his or her high school principal, and both genders will have equal opportunity for any of the Youth Council or Youth Court positions.

"It's exciting. We've needed this," she said. "We're anxious to get it up and running."