Two supermarket tabloids settled an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit in which Tammy Wynette said exaggerated coverage of her illness last year hurt her singing career.

The terms of the settlement with The Star and the National Enquirer are confidential, Wynette's attorney Gary Blackburn said.The "Stand by Your Man" singer sued over stories about her hospitalization last year in Pittsburgh, about eight months after she recovered from a liver infection.

The National Enquirer headline read: "Tammy Wynette is battling for her life, only a liver transplant can save her." She resumed performing a few weeks later with her liver intact.

The Star reported that Wynette was "rushed to the hospital" for surgery on clogged veins.

Wynette's publicist said at the time she was being treated for throat problems. In court documents, it was revealed that she actually underwent angioplasty - a procedure for clearing clogged blood vessels - and took blood-thinning drugs to dissolve blood clots.