Israel said its air force struck suspected guerrilla targets in south Lebanon today after its local militia allies came under anti-tank fire.

An Israeli military statement said the raid took place in the area of the Jezzine enclave, north of a self-declared security zone Israel occupies in south Lebanon.The Jezzine enclave is controlled by the South Lebanon Army (SLA) militia led by General Antoine Lahd. Lahd's militiamen bolster Israeli troops in the nine-mile-wide zone.

"Israeli air force fighter jets this morning attacked terrorist targets in the area of the Jezzine enclave north of the security zone. The pilots reported accurate hits, and all planes returned safely to their bases," the statement said.

It did not specify the targets of the strike, the 30th Israeli air attack on Lebanon this year, nor whether it had inflicted casualties.

A later statement said the raid followed a guerrilla attack on the Jezzine enclave, which wounded two SLA men.

"Anti-tank fire was fired at a number of South Lebanon Army posts in the Jezzine enclave. Two soldiers in General Lahd's army were wounded by terrorist fire. Israeli army and South Lebanon army forces fired back and fought off the attempted attack," the statement said.

In Marjayoun, south Lebanon, SLA sources confirmed the incident and the casualties, while in Beirut, the pro-Iranian Hezbollah said its guerrillas carried out six machine-gun and rocket attacks in the Jezzine area.