One of the first rules of survival for a shaky ruler is to find an external enemy to shake a saber at when things are going sour domestically. It is interesting how good our president has become at talking tough now that he can hide safely in the White House.

Where was this tough, macho woman-chasing guy back in 1970 when many of us were in camps waiting for a flight on Tiger Airlines to the Orient? Now this heroic type is going to send our young military folk into harm's way to do something he never had nerve enough to do himself. I'd much rather see him and Saddam go face to face with the sabers they take such pleasure in rattling. I think we'd all get a big laugh out of the results.Unfortunately, the carnage of war, as witnessed by the 150,000 Iraqis we slaughtered in the last one, is no laughing matter. The simple fact is, when egotistical politicians stick out their chests, it is the flowers of youth that fill the body bags.

R. Scott Ormond

American Fork