Not long after the Salt Palace expansion was completed we heard the announcement that it needs to be enlarged to the tune of $78 million. Then I read that the airport will also be expanded and the entire plan will be changed from an existing horseshoe-shaped terminal to parallel concourses - meaning that some of the recently completed additions will be torn down for the new construction. The design contract has already been let for $74 million and the whole expansion is projected to cost $994 million. Mayor Deedee Corradini says that one concourse will be completed by the time of the 2002 Winter Games. Did any of us say this is what we need or want to do? After all, we have to pay for it. Shouldn't we have a say in such a costly decision?

Who says we must have the largest convention center in the West? Why do we have to have an airport terminal to rival Denver? We can attend hearings and speak out, but it makes no difference. The Legislature, the governor and the mayor go right on spending our money before we even earn it. How can we be heard? How can we get the message out to stop the craziness?Darlene Bennett

Salt Lake City