DIRECTIONS: Follow U-28 to Gunnison, then turn east on U-89 for about six miles to reservoir. About a two-hour drive from Salt Lake City.

DESCRIPTION: Nine Mile is lower elevation lake surrounded by sagebrush and open spaces. One of the first reservoirs to start losing ice when temperatures warm. Reservoir is about 300 surface acres and is located next to main highway.FISH: Rainbow

WHAT WORKS: Use small ice flies without flasher. Tip ice fly with wax or meal worm. Secret is to move around. Fish can be deep or shallow, depending on their mood. Start in deeper water and then move shallow.

DETAILS: This is a large water and generally good carryover of larger fish. Routinely catch rainbow in the three- to five-pound class. There is a lot of plant life in this reservoir, which is why fish tend to move. Good place to start is around dam or by inlet on the southeastern shore.

NOTES: Nice winter fishery because it is close to towns - Gunnison, Sterling and Manti. Good accommodations and access to supplies. Several other lakes in the area, including Gunnison and Palisade. This lakes takes patience to fish, but produces some of the larger fish.

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Weber River

Fishing has been reported excellent in recent weeks. Good choice would be to use Prince nymphs for fly fishermen, gold spinner for casters. Remember to respect private property and do not trespass.