The state will study how best to deal with the commercialization of public schools.

A bill requiring such a study passed the House Tuesday. It had already passed the Senate."If you don't know that advertisements are already in schools, go back to school," said Rep. Brad King, D-Price. King heads the College of Eastern Utah's advertisement board, and he said he knows what's happening.

Rep. Sheryl Allen, R-Bountilful, who in private life runs the Davis School District's fund-raising foundation, said advertising is already in schools - and it's big money.

"The Colorado Springs School District just signed a contract with Coca Cola, in an 11,000-child district; they will get $18 million" from the soft drink giant, she said.

For that amount, Coke signs will appear on district buses, on scoreboards in gyms and on fields, one large banner inside every school.

"We need to study this and decide" on a statewide basis how advertising will be handled in Utah public schools, she said. "I know, because I'm the one who will be negotiating the contracts" in Davis County schools.