The Taylorsville-Bennion Improvement District is planning to build two 4.5 million gallon underground water reservoirs, which will increase the district's storage capacity by nearly 30 percent.

But first it will need to get the city planning commission's blessing on the $2.5 million project.District officials need a conditional use permit to build two more cylinder-shaped reservoirs on their 4.8-acre reservoir site at 2700 West and 6200 South. They hope to obtain approval of the permit sometime in March.

Keith Lord, district business manager, said the addition of the two new tanks will bring the total number of reservoirs on the property to nine.

"They will be identical to the three 4.5-million gallon tanks on the south side of the property," he said. "And they will be landscaped similar to the tanks already there."

Lord said it takes about one year to finish a reservoir from the time ground is broken until the landscaping is finished. Trustees have not yet decided whether to build the reservoirs simultaneously or one at a time, he said.

Funds for the new reservoirs project will come from the district's capital projects budget.

"We do not anticipate any increase in taxes or service fees" to cover construction costs, Lord said.

The nine million gallons of additional storage will allow better management of the district's water supplies by providing extra capacity to satisfy demand, he added.