Your opinion "Nuclear `education' laughable" is a tribute to your own ignorance. You say, "Don't insult us please" by trying to "educate" Utah's populace on the safety of proposed nuclear storage.

You have taken an anti-nuclear position without citing facts that back you up. Your being unwilling to be educated is more suited to a Salem witch-hunt than to a supposedly fact-seeking newspaper."Remains lethal for 10,000 years" is fear mongering. Lethal to whom? Someone buried deeply under tons of rock? Or sealed in a credibly impenetrable container? A tub of water can be lethal. Arsenic remains poisonous forever.

Come on, folks. Open up those closed minds. Give us facts adequate to support your opinion.

Storage of nuclear waste is not the Great Satan you make it out to be. It can be a manageable operation that poses no significant threat to anyone's health and safety.

Clinton P. Ashworth

Registered professional nuclear engineer