"Nuclear-waste fears aren't based on facts" (Deseret News, Feb. 23) by Scott Northard, project manager for Private Fuel Storage in Minneapolis, asks that his company's proposed transportation to and storage of nuclear waste in Utah be judged on the basis of fact, not fear mongering. He states that more than 30 years' experience shows that nuclear waste can be shipped and stored safely, that there have been no accidents (never!), etc., etc.

Unceasingly, Northard has insisted that by knowing such facts, Utahns should not be apprehensive or fearful about the PFS proposed nuclear-waste program for Utah. However, it is my belief that wherever PFS presented such a proposal, with the same facts and entourage of experts, they would encounter the same fears. For instance, why not present this program to the people of Minnesota? PFS operates from Minneapolis and that should enhance the credibility of such a proposal in that state. Surely the good folks in Minnesota would not object to nuclear-waste in their state after hearing all the PFS "facts." Or would they?Arthur K. Olsen

Salt Lake City