One motorist shot another in the arm after the two got into an argument while waiting at a busy intersection Monday.

The two motorists were heading west on 2100 South when they began arguing at about 3 p.m., said Salt Lake Police Lt. Arthur Healey. The gunman's car was stopped at a red light when the victim, Keith Burton, pulled his car over at a bus stop to pick up his brother."The two factions are in rival gangs and threats were made between them," Healey said.

The gunman fired several shots at Burton's Ford Thunderbird. One bullet hit Burton in the right shoulder, Healey said. Paramedics transported him to LDS Hospital, where he was in satisfactory condition Tuesday morning.

Burton, 19, drove himself to his apartment, some three blocks away in South Salt Lake, and called police. The assailant drove away.

"The gang unit is working on it, and they have some good leads," Healey said.