I am in ninth grade and attend Spanish Fork Junior High. I am writing in regard to the Nebo School District hat policy. The policy says that students may not wear hats during school. I think this rule is unfair.

I recently began a petition saying that students should be able to wear hats during school. With the help of several friends, after nearly two weeks we had approximately 700 signatures. These signatures were from students attending high school, junior high, middle and elementary schools in Spanish Fork. There were also many signatures from parents and friends supporting this petition.On Feb. 9, I went to Nebo School District offices to present the petitions to Superintendent Poulsen. He displayed little or no interest in this matter. We worked really hard to get all the signatures and to write a petition. We spent a lot of time on this. I believe that the school district should at least take this matter into consideration.

There are many people, parents and students, who will support a reasonable hat policy. I believe that wearing hats has no influence on a student's academic or citizenship performance. We have tried to make our beliefs on this policy known in an orderly manner. It is frustrating because it seems the students have no voice in the rules that govern them.

We are willing to do things by the rules. All we ask is that they give us reasonable input on these rules. Taxation without representation led to the Boston Tea Party. There is no telling where hat abolishment without student input may lead.

Elaine Long

Spanish Fork