A manufacturer of blades for road-building and maintenance equipment may bring 32 jobs to the former Tooele Army Depot.

And some Tooele officials say that could put their area on the cutting edge of new development.The Utah Division of Business and Economic Development recently agreed to give a $40,000 incentive loan from its Industrial Assistance Fund to help attract Ohio-based Bucyrus Blades Inc. to Tooele.

Greg Miller, Bucyrus capital projects manager, said Monday that the company is looking at expansion possibilities in Utah and several other states. But Miller would not say when the company will decide, or where Tooele ranks among the possibilities.

The Industrial Assistance Fund application said Bucyrus would hire 32 people for a Tooele plant. The company would invest $2.1 million in equipment and $465,000 in building upgrades, the application said.

Richard Nelson, the fund's director, said Bucyrus also has looked at sites in Idaho, Nevada and Canada. And although 32 jobs may not sound like many, he said, it is significant for Tooele.

"(Tooele) really wants to attract higher-paying jobs that will support a family, and those manufacturing jobs are important," Nelson said.

Approval of the loan may move Bucyrus closer to leasing a 45,000-square-foot former industrial building at the army depot, part of which is now known as Endeavor Business Park.

Jed Connell, spokesman for Endeavor, said the building should be perfect for Bucyrus. It has cranes and a paint booth, no columns and ceilings that are at least 25 feet high.

Tooele Mayor Charlie Roberts said Bucyrus would be important as one of the first major tenants of the park.

"Tooele is growing, and we've got all kinds of potential out here to become a regional trade center, and this is a good start," Roberts said Monday. "They're a good, solid, credible company that's coming in, so that others can build off of them."

Scott Muir, Tooele County economic development director, said Bucyrus was started in 1951 and owns and operates five manufacturing facilities. Portland, Ore.-based ESCO Corp. is its parent company.

Bucyrus started working with the Economic Development Corporation of Utah and other state agencies last fall to identify a rural site for expansion, Muir said. He said the company was interested in an existing building because it would like to start operations as soon as possible.