The parent corporation of the Ogden Raptors baseball team was dissolved by state corporate regulators three years ago but didn't know it.

According to documents filed Monday in 3rd District Court, Ogden Professional Baseball Inc. was involuntarily dissolved Dec. 1, 1994, for failing to file an annual report.Attorneys said the company didn't know it was delinquent nor that it had been dissolved until last month, more than three years after the fact. State records show that a delinquency notice and notice of dissolution were sent to company President David I. Baggott but were returned as "undeliverable."

On Jan. 26, the company filed an application for reinstatement with the Division of Corporations. But the agency refused, saying the application came too late.

Arguing the dissolution was the result of "inadvertance," the company is asking Judge William Thorne Jr. to order its reinstatement as a Utah corporation.