While the FBI spent five months looking for David Scott Ghantt, authorities say his accomplices in a $17 million heist were living the high life - a new car, a new home, even breast implants for one.

As Ghantt and seven others await hearings on charges from the October theft, authorities still have a big unanswered question: Where's the money?Ghantt, 28, was arrested Sunday at Playa del Carmen, Mexico, near the island resort of Cozumel. He was brought back to Charlotte, where a federal grand jury in October charged him with bank larceny after a vanload of cash was stolen from a Loomis, Fargo and Co. warehouse.

In addition to Ghantt, who repaired helicopters for the Army during the gulf war before becoming a Loomis, Fargo armored car driver, seven other North Carolina residents were arrested Monday.

They are Steve and Michelle Chambers; Kelly Jane Campbell, a former Loomis employee and Ghantt's alleged love interest; Michael McKinney; Thomas Grant; his brother, Eric Grant; and Eric Payne. A hearing is set Thursday.