Betty Crocker has a new box mix for cinnamon streusel coffeecake that practically puts itself in the oven.

Coming home from work with the new product in hand, I had the coffeecake in the oven in fewer than five minutes, and I hadn't even taken off my coat.Because the "paper" baking pan is already in the box mix, I had just one dirty fork to wash while that lovely spicy streusel aroma filled the kitchen.

Stir 'n Bake Coffeecake mix is so easy, I felt like putting the petite baking pan inside an E-Z-Bake toy oven with a light bulb instead of a big conventional one with real heat coils.

So, at cutting time 30 minutes later, the coffeecake wasn't quite as rich and good as that big sour cream number everybody makes for the holidays. But two tasters thought this one was just fine, considering the paltry effort required and warm coffeecake reward.

And you don't have to own a bundt pan, an electric mixer or even a bag of flour. With the new Betty Crocker mix, just add water to the bagful of cake-mix ingredients. I saved washing a medium bowl by adding water to the bag itself and massaging it. I squeezed the lumpy batter into the paper baking pan and finished stirring it smooth with a fork, careful not to smear the edges of the pan, though it rises nearly to the top during baking.

Nor did I use a measuring cup for the 2/3 cup water, contrary to package directions. I just guessed at the right amount of tap water to use. (Either I'm good at "eye-measuring" or this mix is remarkably tolerant.)

The streusel is already mixed in another smaller bag, so I snipped it open and spread it between layers of coffeecake batter and on top.

It bakes in the disposable pan at 350 degrees within 25 minutes. You and another taster could finish it off inside of five. I'm not saying we did. I'm just not saying. This is the perfect size coffeecake for two people.

A note of warning on the box mix: Don't reuse the baking pan and don't bake the coffeecake in a toaster oven or microwave.