As an observer for our city and a citizen of the United States, I was extremely disappointed by actions of members of the U.S. hockey team. While there were high expectations of their performance by many (including members of the Matsumoto City Council who are hosting us), it does not prove to be an excuse for their behavior.

To destroy a facility in a host country when things don't go right is not only poor sportsmanship but is embarrassing to the rest of us who have been graciously treated by the host country, Japan.These athletes represent us as citizens of the country and as such have an even higher code of ethics that should be followed. It is my hope that those members of the U.S. hockey team who caused the damage will not only be disciplined but banned from future games. What kind of an example does this set for up-and-coming athletes as to what behavior is expected of them?

Unfortunately our dream team has become more of a nightmare.

Carlton J. Christensen

Buena Vista Hotel, Matsumoto, Japan (temporary)

Salt Lake City (residence)