Developers say the new 24-screen movie theater complex planned for Jordan Landing will be "one of the largest in the nation" and predict it will impress local residents with a variety of amenities.

Their theater plan calls for:- A combined seating capacity of 6,000 people.

- Valet parking.

- Will-call ticketing.

- Stadium-style seating on a sharp-enough incline that viewers can always see over the poofy hair-do that always seems to sit one row in front of him.

Jordan Landing project manager Mark Isaac said the stadium-style arrangement of the seating in all 24 theaters will remind movie-goers of Kingsbury Hall and other concert facilities where floors are built on sharp grades to ensure good sight lines.

"The theater component is the engine that really drives that retail center," said Isaac.

The theater will be built first and become the anchor of a major retail center checking in with some 800,000 square feet of combined floor space, he said. Other retail stores in the center will combine with the theater to form an "open air mall," according to city planners. That means the stores will be laid out in mall-like fashion but will not be under the same roof.

Issac noted the size and quality of the 24-screen complex is already drawing the interest of major national restaurant chains looking for prime locations.

"Some of those are major businesses that have never even looked at Utah before," the project manager said.