Parents who have questions about the temporary closure of Riverton Elementary School and resulting relocations of students to three nearby schools can call 254-9506 for assistance.

Parent volunteers will answer questions about bus and class schedules. Students will resume classes Tuesday, March 3. All students will be bused.Riverton Elementary will remain closed until school and environment officials can determine why students and staff are occasionally sickened in the building.

Meanwhile, kindergarten classes will be held at Bluffdale Elementary School; grades 1-3 will attend school at West Hills Middle School; and grades 4-6 will meet at Mount Jordan Middle School.

On Saturday, a portable classroom will be moved from West Jordan High School to Bluffdale Elementary to accommodate the Riverton Elementary kindergartners. Furniture has been ordered to serve the younger students, but it will be moved to one of the elementary schools under construction, assuming students will return to Riverton Elementary.

As a precaution, workers will decontaminate with ozone any classroom materials to be moved to the temporary quarters.

Buses have been rerouted, a new assistant principal appointed and food service workers have been added to handle the larger student bodies at the three schools. One school will move a classroom onto a school stage.

The moves plus testing and cleaning of 3-year-old Riverton Elementary will likely cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, district officials have said. The expense will be handled within the district's existing budget, said spokeswoman Melinda Rock.

School district officials view the moves as temporary but note each of the three schools is prepared to house the displaced students until the end of the school year.