A southern Utah group opposed to Circle Four Farms' expansion of its pig processing operations into Iron County has taken nonprofit status with an eye to seeking contributions.

Citizens for Responsible and Sustainable Agriculture, formerly the Concerned Citizens of Iron County, hopes its Cedar City organization will become the first chapter of a nationwide affiliation opposed to large-scale hog operations."We have spent more than $100,000 of our own money fighting Circle Four," said CRSA spokesman A. True Ott. "We want to enlist the help of concerned citizens nationwide because this is an issue that is affecting people all over the country."

Hog operations in Iowa, North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky also have sparked grassroots opposition.

Circle Four Farms' Utah operation, in Beaver County, is the nation's largest integrated hog farm. The company has plans to make it the world's largest by the end of the decade, producing 2.5 million slaughter-ready hogs a year.

Waste from the operation's barns drains into giant, open-air sewage lagoons, some containing up to 27 million gallons.

Residents have complained of eye-watering odors wafting from those lagoons.