I have questions that I hope someone will research and publish the results. Where is the father of Heidi Sonnenberg's baby? Why has he not been sought and charged as an accessory?

Somewhere there is a man who must know he is the father; why hasn't he come forward to stand by Heidi? Why wasn't he there when the baby was born? Did Heidi feel so desperate because he abandoned her? Was she a victim of a rapist?Men, you have it within your power to stop all illegitimate births, all abortions, all abandoned babies. Just say "no." I realize it is hard for a man to fight off a woman determined to force herself on him, even if she is half his size. But you are stronger, bigger, more capable.

Refuse to impregnate women with babies they don't want and you don't want to support. Reuse to abandon your family to subsist on welfare. Refuse to abuse your girlfriends, wives, children. Take full responsibility for your actions and be a really macho man. Ostracize the Bill Clintons of the world instead of idolizing them. (After all, Bill Clinton is only following the example of his idol, John F. Kennedy.)

If all men reserved themselves for a partner to whom they were legally married, all these young girls who insist on having babies would be stopped cold. You could do it. Surprise us.

Valerie Luckau

Salt Lake City