I was displeased with the article written by Edward Reichel in Tuesday night's paper about the Utah Chamber Artists Concert on Monday, Feb.16.

His comments were not only incorrect but misleading. Was he even there? Did he actually attend or get his information second-hand? He talked about the last number being a great piano concerto by Mendelssohn, played by Kevin Fitz-Gerald. I beg his pardon, but the concerto was the second number on the program. It was indeed wonderful, and, yes, we did give him a standing ovation.However, it was the second half of the concert, the Prelude and five compositions composed by Barlow Bradford that caused the audience members to jump to their feet in joyous applause and acclamation. The music was not only beautiful and stirring but exceptionally well executed. What an outstanding program.

The Utah Chamber Artists are among the finest and most talented musicians anywhere, and their conductor, Mr. Bradford, is truly a genius. We are fortunate to have such a professional and enjoyable group of musicians in our city. Please give credit where credit is due.

Janet C. Dunford

Salt Lake City