Former Gov. Scott M. Matheson is apparently being considered by the Reagan administration to become the nation's nuclear-waste negotiator, but Matheson isn't sure that he wants the job.

"When we first discussed it earlier in the year, I was interested in it," he said. "But now it is getting down at the end of the administration and the end of the campaign. I don't know what the attitude of the administration is in supporting the negotiator. So it's an open question."The negotiator would search for states, territories or Indian tribes that would be willing to house a nuclear-waste site. He would negotiate compensation they would receive, and oversee technical studies about the acceptability of sites.

A spokeswoman for Rep. Barbara Vucanovich, R-Nev., said the congresswoman recommended three names to the Reagan administration, including Matheson's, and was told that Matheson is the choice and the administration is doing a fast-track background check on him before formally announcing his selection.

When Matheson was asked if he had any discussions with the administration in recent weeks about the job, he said, "None."