A black former Wal-Mart store worker is suing the discount store chain, saying he was fired for protesting a white supervisor's appearance in black-face.

Wal-Mart defended the manager, saying he's a former Marine who was dressed in military fatigues and wore black face paint - like a "commando, GI Joe-type figure" - a few weeks before Halloween last year.Adam Meadows was "trying to get everybody in the holiday spirit," said Betsy Reithemeyer, a spokeswoman for the company based in Bentonville, Ark.

James Duncan, 25, a former sales associate at the Wal-Mart in suburban Renton, filed the lawsuit Friday, seeking damages of more than $100,000 for lost wages and emotional distress. The lawsuit alleges Duncan was fired after he questioned store management's handling of the Oct. 15 incident.