There was an article in the Feb. 21 paper titled "Are you road-rage demon? Soothe the anger before hitting the road." In fact, there have been several articles dealing with this.

You know a person can be really calm when starting out, but when you encounter a situation like I had this past Thursday, one can lose his calm. I was on 4800 South heading west when a person in a blue car with license plate 390-JLT pulled out in front of me without looking from a side street. The street has a Mark Twain condominium sign on the corner.There was a car coming from the opposite direction, so I could not pull out into the other lane. There was a white pickup truck behind me. I feel fortunate there was not an accident. I was surprised that this person stopped at the traffic light that had just turned yellow to make a left turn on 1300 West.

Perhaps if the person reads this he may recognize himself. It was about 6:50 a.m. It seems there are too many that think hooray for me and the heck with the other guy.

John L. Mandrei

Salt Lake City