When her $34.1 million will is filed in probate next week, the 10-page document will be the newest item of Princess Diana memorabilia and is expected to become an instant best seller.

For $1.25, any member of the public will be able to purchase a copy of the will once it's made public. The price will be $3.30 per copy if a purchase is made by mail.The document will have been touched up by posthumous court-approved changes that reward Diana's butler, her 17 godchildren and further benefit her two sons.

The marketing director of the law firm that represents the three executors of Diana's estate said on Friday that he was "85 percent" sure the document will be made public Monday.

"It is all complicated by the fact that no one expected her to die," a trustee of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund said on Fri-day.

Diana, who died in a car crash in Paris last August, originally wrote the imprecise will in June 1993, shortly before she turned 33.

In it, Diana, an attentive godmother, left nothing to her godchildren or to her loyal butler, Paul Burrell, who Diana referred to as "my rock."

Although her sons, William, 15 and Harry, 13, were always to receive the bulk of her fortune, the arrangements for her sons to receive their inheritance were based on Diana living a long life.

For those reasons, and to take into account what they believed would have been Diana's wishes under the circumstances, lawyers representing the executors of Diana's estate and lawyers representing her sons went to court to seek changes in the will. The requested changes were granted.