Home and business owners along U.S. 89 in Davis County will get some relief if a bill sponsored by Rep. Kevin Garn, R-Layton, which passed the House Wednesday, gets Senate approval.

Garn wants to give the Utah Department of Transportation authority to bond for a special "preservation corridor" account to raise about $5 million. With that money the state would buy the property of certain owners along the old highway.The road is scheduled for extensive reconstruction. And while UDOT has announced the plans, the taking of the needed properties won't happen for several years. Meanwhile, homeowners can't sell their property, business owners can't lease their space because no one wants to get involved with property that will be taken by the state.

"We have some real hardship cases," said Garn. In one case, an ailing woman needs to move into a house with no stairs from her present home which has several flights of stairs.